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Admissions & Attendance Information

On this page you will find full details of our school admissions policy, including our criteria for admissions, how to apply for a place at our school and our oversubscription criteria. You will also find information about how you can find out more about our admissions policy and how to appeal if you are unhappy with the school place you are offered for your child.

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 



This page details the attendance information for the school including the school Attendance Action Plan and current attendance data

Whole School Attendance

Our attendance is beginning to show some improvement and we are really pleased that we achieved our target in July 2017:

Attendance in school for previous academic year 2016/17

Period of return: % of attendance:

Sept 16 – July 17   96.2%

Sept 17 - July 18

Faringdon Junior School needs to consistently meet the target of 96% which is the national average. We can only do this if parents support us fully and if we all understand the importance of NOT taking term time holidays or absences from school.

Thank you to those parents who are helping FJS raise our attendance levels, which helps our children to get the most out of their educational experience.

 Termly Attendance Averages

Academic Year 2018 -2019

Attendance Key

Autumn 1 = 97% Target Met

Pupil Attendance Targets:

96 - 100% Well done
91 - 95% Risk of underachievement
85 - 90% Serious risk of underachievement
Below 85% serious cause for concern and underachievement.

Concern raised to Local Authority

Autumn 2 = 

Spring 1 =   

Spring 2  =    

Summer 1= 

Summer 2 =


Overall (to date)= 97% 



Autumn 1:   Class 5N  98.32%

Attendance Action Plan 2017-2018