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Harry Potter – Week 4 – Chapters 7 & 8

This week, you have been given a copy of chapters 7 and 8 of the book.


Please have a go at the lessons one day at a time and either write on the sheets or on some paper.


Chapters 7 and 8 are also available on the school website to download and read, or you can get someone to read to/with you.  There is also an audio version of the chapters on You Tube, read by Miss Smith. 


Day 1 = Read, or listen to, chapter 7, “The Sorting Hat”.  

Annotate the copy of the Sorting Hat’s poem. 

  • Underline any new vocabulary in blue.  Find out what it means and write the meaning by the word.
  • Underline the rhyming words in red. Where do they appear within the poem?
  • Circle any punctuation in green.  What punctuation is used and where?
  • Count the syllables in each line.  Write the number of syllables at the end of each line.  Can you see a pattern?


Day 2 = Write a stanza (verse) for a new Hogwarts house

  • Think about a name for your new house
  • Think about the type of pupils who would belong there


Day 3 = Write a paragraph about which Hogwarts house you would be in, and why the sorting hat chose to put you there.


Day 4 = Read or listen to Chapter 8 “The Potions Master.

Make notes about Professor Snape, then draw him and annotate your picture with words and phrases.  You can use a picture of him from the Powerpoint if you prefer.


We hope you enjoy this week! Any questions please contact us on the school blog pages, or through the school office.


Mr Kenyon, Mrs Northam and Mrs Mitchell J