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Welcome to our Governors' section

On this page you will find details of the names and terms of office for all members of our Local Governing Body (LGB), together with details of their category of Governor, positions of responsibility and details of any additional committees that they serve on. We have also included details of the business and financial interests of each Governor and information about any Governance role they play in other schools, as well as a full breakdown of the structure and responsibilities of the governing body of our school and its committees.

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If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please see below for further details.

Chair of Governors:  Adam Pickford

Appointed: November 2017

Term: 4 Years                                                                                          Current term ends:  November 2021

Parent Governor

Responsibility:  Safeguarding


I have been a member of Faringdon Junior School Governing Body for 3 years and have just been re-elected as Chair. During my time to date, I have worked on the Performance and Standards Committee alongside the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team. My professional work in Adult Learning and Development equips me with a range of skills and experiences which I draw upon as a Governor. In addition, I also bring a perspective as a parent. I was motivated to become a Governor to help the school achieve its goals and be the best it can be. I enjoy interacting with the other Governors, Headteacher and staff, as well as observing the school and its pupils in action.    

Vice Chair of Governors:  Anthony Cook

Appointed: September 2018

Term: 4 Years                                                                                          Current term ends:  September 2022

Community Governor

                          Responsibility:  Chair of Resources sub-committee / Finance Governor


During my 6 years as a Governor at FJS, I have worked closely with the school's leadership team, staff and the other members of the LGB to help define the long term development of the school through challenge, strategic direction and strong decision making.  I work for an international food and drink company as Head of European Commercial Capability and I am also a certified Executive Coach and Facilitator. I have enjoyed working with members of staff, visiting the school to develop future plans and objectives, as well as using my personal and professional experiences to help take the school forward.  I have always had a passion for education and continue to value having the chance to get involved in the local community to improve educational provision for the children of Faringdon now and in the future. I am also a Trustee of the Faringdon Learning Trust and chair the Trust Resources committee.



Governor:  John Turner

Appointed: December 2016

Term: 4 Years                                                                                          Current term ends:  December 2020

Community governor

Responsibility:  Health and safety / premises

My name is John Turner and I joined the FJS Local Governing Body as a community governor linked to the roles of Premises and Health & Safety.  Having retired from a very rewarding career in the Armed Forces in 2015, I now work as an independent consultant to the Defence and Aerospace sectors.  My service in the Royal Air Force saw me in a variety of roles and associated experiences; they ranged from the command and leadership of some truly inspirational young people on flying operations across the globe, to working within a governmental regulatory body responsible for delivering safe military aviation.  The value and importance of education, at all stages of life, amongst the people whom I have worked alongside has not been lost on me.  I therefore hope to use any relevant experience and skills gained across my career to support the Head Teacher and the Local Governing Body in their provision of a safe and comfortable learning and working environment for the children and staff of Faringdon Junior School.

Governor:  Caroline Tilling

Appointed: November 2017

Term: 4 Years                                                                                  Current term ends:  November 2021

Parent governor



Having lived in Faringdon all of my life, I am a former pupil of the Junior school and was aged just nine years old when the school moved into the Elms site. I’ve served as a governor at the school for the past three years, assisting with the resources, premises and health & safety aspects of our responsibilities, and have found it to be incredibly rewarding. My experience in health & safety stems from my role as a firefighter, working in the town on a part-time basis as a manager at Faringdon Fire Station, alongside my full time position as assistant fire officer for the University of Oxford. To be able to give something back to the school, which has always been the source of a caring and stimulating environment, and to work alongside the brilliant staff and children there, is a real privilege.

Governor: Ian Pugh

Appointed: October 2019

Term: 4 years                                                                                           Current term ends: October 2023

 Parent governor

Responsibility: Pupil Premium Grant


I have lived in Faringdon since 2010, and joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor in November 2019, shortly after my daughter started in Year 3 at the school. I value being a part of the Governing Body to support the Headteacher and staff and contribute towards the development of the School. As a governor I have responsibility for Pupil Premium and Music.


Professionally I have worked in Higher Education for the last 12 years, and currently work as Assistant Registrar of a University, looking after education policy and academic regulations, monitoring and interpreting external regulatory standards and working with regulatory and accrediting bodies. I am also working on the regulatory aspects of a project to set up a brand new University. Prior to this I worked for a University of Oxford college managing all academic administration, providing welfare support to students and managing the College’s academic budget and scholarship trust funds

Governor: David Border

Appointed November 2019                                                                                      

Term: 4 years                                                                                                             Current term ends: November 2023

Community governor

Responsibility: SEND

My wife and I have lived in Faringdon since summer 2018. Since arriving we have been made to feel very welcome by so many members of the local community, so have each been looking for ways to give back. Serving as a Governor at FJS seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. Having graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in Pharmaceuticals I went on to Christ Church, Oxford to study for my PGCE. Upon completion I worked in several local state secondary schools before moving to Abingdon School where I have taught Chemistry since 2012 and served as a Housemaster since 2016. In this capacity I am responsible for the pastoral care and academic progress of roughly 100 boys from 13-18 years of age. I have also been heavily involved in coaching various sports, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, and debating. I look forward to my work as a Governor where I will be particularly linked with SEND, Art and PE.                                               

Governor: Dawn El-Masri 

Appointed: November 2019

Term: 4 years                                                                                                          Current term ends: November 2023           Community Governor



My name is Dawn El-Masri and I have been a primary school teacher for over 20 years, teaching all years from Year 2 to Year 7. My roles have included subject leader, school improvement leader and most recently Assistant Head teacher, with leadership of the Gifted and Talented program among other things. I have taught both in this country and more recently in British Curriculum schools in Dubai.

Currently, I’m taking a career break and wanted to use my experience and knowledge to give something back to the community. I am looking forward to being a community governor for FJS and supporting the Head teacher, Staff and Governing body as they work to provide the best possible learning experience for every child in the school.

Governor:  Sharon Farrell

Appointed: September 2017

Term: n/a                                                                                                  Current term ends:  n/a

Headteacher governor


Governor: Heather Bourne

Appointed: December 2018

Term: 4 Years                                                                                          Current term ends:  December 2022

Teaching staff governor


Clerk to the Local Governors: Octavia Kelly

Appointed: August 2018

Governors who have recently stepped down:


Calum Ison-Jacques - teaching governor April 2016 - October 2018

Ewan Quibbell - community governor June 2015 - November 2018

Kayleigh Taylor - support staff governor December 2016 - November 2019

Susan Long - community governor - March 2016 - March 2020

Annual Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interests 19/20