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Dear Parents / Carers

To limit the need to use separate changing areas and to avoid contact with discarded clothing in the classroom, we have changed our procedures for PE across the whole school. 
We have decided that on their allocated PE days, children can come to school dressed in their school PE kit. They will still need to bring their school uniform in a bag, incase they need to get changed. We are entering the more wet and cold months so we would not wish the children to sit in damp clothes all day. We also need to be prepared in case they get dirty during the lesson. 

We would suggest that children wear a suitable dark track suit, jogging bottoms or leggings to keep themselves warm during the winter months. Please ensure that the clothes are in our school colours (i.e. navy or black).

Obviously, if parents would prefer their children to come to school in their school uniform and get changed, that will be fine. We are simply trying to ensure that we can offer an alternative to help with social distancing measures.

Please see below your child's class allocated PE day:

Class 3B (Mrs Bourne) Tuesday & Thursday

Class 3H (Mrs Harris) Monday & Thursday

Class 3K (Miss King) Monday & Wednesday


Class 4K (Mr Kenyon) Wednesday & Friday

Class 4N (Mrs Northam) Monday & Thursday

Class 4NI (Mr Nicholls) Wednesday & Friday


Class 5CA (Mrs Caddick-Adams) Tuesday & Friday

Class 5MO (Mrs Ottaway/ Mrs Mitchell) Tuesday & Thursday

Class 5S (Mr Saunders) Tuesday & Wednesday


Class 6M (Mrs Meckler) Monday & Thursday

Class 6MC (Mr Moore/Mrs Carter) Tuesday & Friday

Class 6P  (Miss Porter) Wednesday & Friday