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Week beginning 11th May 2020


This week’s tasks are to do with ‘Telling the Time’. This is the Telling the Time work pack for the whole week so take your time and mark the answers as you go.

All the sheets to do the work are in this pack including a ‘Split Pin’ to go ion the centre of your clock to hold the hands in place and allow you to move them to show different times.

Any questions please get in touch with school and I will support your learning.


Lesson 1 – Make a clock with ‘hands’ that you can move around using the sheet you’ve been given. It is made of card so should be sturdy enough to use. But as you are going to be using it quite a lot we’ve put two in so you can make a second one if you need to!

Lesson 2 – Watch the two videos for telling the time for O’clock, Half Past, Quarter to and Quarter Past then practice using powerpoint and or worksheets

Lesson 3 – Practice again using powerpoints and or worksheets

Lesson 4 - Practice again using powerpoints and or worksheets

Lesson 5 – Write out a ‘Time Diary’ for your day using the sheets in the pack.


I hope you are still working hard on your times tables facts.  Don’t forget to keep working hard on them, I’ve included the facts to help you.


Have fun my Mathemagicians – I’m really missing teaching you each day but I hope that you are keeping well.