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Week 1

Year 6 Sowing the Seeds

Observational Drawings of the tree of Life

Year 6 Week 1 Diary


31st March 2021

In fruit containers brought from home we planted french beans, cabbages and many more. Over the holidays we looked after them at home before bringing them back in to report them in the peace garden.


Year 6 Pupil Reflections on what the tree represents


'I think of the tree as the community and to people who have made this. The larger branches are the teachers and the smaller, thinner branches are us because the teachers are supporting us'


'I feel a real connection with the handkerchief tree as it is like a human and the wind is life as the tree stands tall, no matter what is thrown at it'


'I liked drawing the tree because it is like a family tree. It has been a part of our school for a long while and its branches are friends and family. I like to think the branches are the pupils and the trunk is the teachers'


'The trunk represents strength, keeping you up no matter the weather or if anything happens, the tree keeps standing'


'I feel very relaxed and peaceful whilst drawing the tree. I think about the tree because of all the branches being connected. I thought the trunk could represent Mrs Farrell and all the other teachers because of how it supports everything'


'The tree was planted a long time ago and as it grew it has watched all the staff and pupils start at our school and then leave. It would have many stories to tell'