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Week beginning 13.7.20 - end of term!

Hi Year 6,


This week is your last week of term and we are looking forward to seeing you in your classes for a day this week.


This week we will not be setting you the normal ‘English, Maths and Other Subjects’ work that we have been setting this term. Instead, we would encourage you to spend some time doing the following things:


1.     Choose some of the end of term activities to complete, which can be found below.


2.     Finish off any work from this term that has not yet been completed. For example, you may still have some pages left on your PSHE transition booklet or you may have missed some maths activities.

3.     Have a look at the previous weeks on the year 6 page of the school website and see if there is anything you have missed, particularly in ‘Other Subjects’. The Easter Project would be a good place to start, as many of you we have spoken to did not complete this over the holidays. 

4.     Have a look around the Oak National Academy for any lessons that particularly interest you.

Have a fantastic week!


Thank you for all of your hard work this year – we will miss you!


Miss Porter, Mrs Meckler, Mr Moore and Mrs Carter


Final week of English & Maths for Thurs/Fri bubbles who would like to finish off their Kensuke's Kingdom and holiday planning work