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Year 5

A big hello to all of our wonderful year fives from all of us!


We've put together lots of lovely activities for you, which we really hope you will enjoy.  We are, all of us, thinking about you and wishing you all so very well.


If you keep your work in a folder, we'd love to see it all when we get back to school.  Don't forget to take photos of your weekly models (more on the way).


You'll notice a Vocabulary Ninja activity; I'll be putting up more of these in the next weeks.  All you do is find the video on youtube (Taking Flight, this week), watch it, then write out all the new vocabulary under their respective titles.  Print yourselves off a certificate, once you've finished.  Good, simple, fun!


I've attached, this morning, a little powerpoint to link you to virtual tours of all the best art galleries and museums in our capital city.  Do let us know which ones you liked the best.


Keep reading, reading, reading!


Keep smiling, too, and we'll speak via video blog really soon.


Best wishes,

Mrs Caddick-Adams, Mrs Ottaway, Mr Saunders, Ms Peters.